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Panels and Data

Through many years of painstaking work we have created a range of specialist professional and consumer panels. These provide important and influential opinion on products and services for our clients. We are continually building our lists and refining the constituents of our panels.

Research in Finance prides itself on developing a relationship with all of our panel members.  This ensures that for any project we are able to identify the relevant individuals to work with and ensure that we deliver accurate findings both from a quantitative and qualitative methodology.

The experience for the panellist is extremely positive as they’ll only receive invitations to relevant studies.  We also work hard to ensure that all of our studies are an enjoyable experience for all participants, therefore the quality of both the response and the respondent is high. Crucially, our clients can feel confident that we are talking to the right people who are genuinely engaged in the study and will provide thoroughly considered responses.

What are the main benefits of having access to the Research in Finance panel?

  • Accurate Responses: individuals are selected based on their profile to ensure they respond to studies where they genuinely have experience.
  • Faster Insights: immediate access to engaged, interested individuals ensures you’ll have responses back in less time than virtually any other method of research.
  • Higher Response Rates: panellists are waiting to share their views.
  • Richer Profiles: Research in Fincance has built rich, deep profiles about each panel member over time and use this information to enhance future studies.
  • Save Money: Owning and managing our panel costs substantially less than purchasing sample from another source.
  • Our projects generate thousands of pounds for a variety of charities.

See our list of active panels below.

Active Panels