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Discretionary Fund Management

What Is Discretionary Fund Management?


Discretionary fund management is seen as a more conventional method of managing investments, typically with a single investment manager or committee in charge of making choices. Individual securities, including stocks, bonds, funds, and derivatives, are frequently held by discretionary fund managers. A discretionary fund manager typically provides more transparency regarding the underlying investments.

Due to the investment managers’ considerable training and experience in managing portfolios across a variety of asset classes and market environments, DFM provides clients with the advantage of professional expertise.


Discretionary Fund Management Panel


Research in Finance have the largest panel of Discretionary Fund Managers (DFMs) in the UK. Our DFMs are a professional third-party manager who manage portfolios, for in most cases high net worth individuals, to a set risk profile.

They are able to act as they see fit within those parameters without needing to receive approval from the client. They are often known as Wealth Managers and various other job titles depending on their firms preference.

A strength of the research panels is having representation at both head office and regional offices of the firms.

  • Decision makers in large, medium and small firms
  • Range of firm sizes
  • Head office or regional office representation
  • Model portfolio constructors, influencers and researchers
  • Large, medium and small firms represented
  • Investment committee members and chairs people
  • Range of AUMs – from over £1 billion to under £2 million
  • Client facing and back office

Example Job Titles:

  • Discretionary Fund Manager
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Head of Research, Research Analyst member
  • Fund selector
  • Chief Investment Officer
  • Managing Director/ CEO
  • Stockbroker

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Our Panel have influenced some of the biggest companies in the world to improve their communication with their clients and to run their businesses in a more responsible manner.