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Financial Research Methods

Research Methodology In Finance


At Research in Finance we are experts at matching the right financial research methods to meet the needs of each particular project.

Research methodology in finance refers to the methodical approach and procedures used to look into and analyse financial problems and events. To obtain understanding of financial theories, practises, and market dynamics, it entails the application of scientific financial research methods, data collecting, analysis, and interpretation.

A combination of primary data, gained through surveys or experiments, and secondary data, gathered through financial statements, market reports, and other sources, is frequently used by finance researchers.

The goal of the finance research methods are to provide solid and trustworthy results that advance knowledge of financial markets, investments, corporate finance, risk management, and other important fields.

Selecting the appropriate research methodology in finance is one of the key factors that can make or break a project.

Through our six-stage process below we are able to assess your needs and use the right financial research methods or combination of methodologies to deliver the best outcome.

Our Solutions


Customer Satisfaction
Relationship & Regular NPS
Transactional NPS
Customer Feedback Surveys
Event Feedback
Omnibus Tracking


Brand Awareness
Brand Preference
Brand Positioning
Brand Health Research
Ad & Messaging Research


Marketing Communication Testing
Product Satisfaction & Usage
Naming & Concept Testing
Pricing Research
Feature & Product Prioritisation
User Experience


Market & Opportunity Assessment
Segmentation & Targeting
Gap Analysis
Market Sentiment
Market Sizing
Competitor Analysis
Internal Feedback
Simple Polling

USER                     EXPERIENCE

Website Evaluation
Comparative Usability Testing
Explorative Usability Testing
Observed Task Tests
Usability Evaluation

Client Testimonial

“When I am in need of research one of the first name that comes to mind is Research in Finance. I have come to rely on Richard and the team for assistance in both recurring and bespoke research. RiF has helped us to define Value for Money, benchmark customer sentiment and explore new branding amongst many other things. But perhaps the greatest benefit is enabling me to have more meaningful, data driven conversations with my senior management. By helping me to formulate the right structure and audience targeting they really enable me to get to the root of a question. RiF’s deep understanding of the marketplace along with their access to end-consumers, advisers and institutionals gives me the breadth and depth I need to end with well thought through and valuable research.”