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Market Research Services

Research in Finance (RiF) provides award winning market research services that focuses on the financial industry.

Due to their invaluable insights into industry trends, customer behaviour, and competitive landscapes, market research services are an essential part of every successful business strategy. These services are essential for achieving successful results, whether a business is introducing a new product, entering a new market, or looking to enhance its current offers.

Research In Finance create the insight needed for financial service companies to understand their customers and prospects, thereby maximising success in their product, marketing and strategic decisions.

We pride ourselves on being methodology agnostic – we have strong capabilities across all research methods and techniques, and will recommend what works best to deliver the insights our clients need to enhance their tactics, strategies and revenue generation.

The research services we provide are essential for organisations to comprehend their target market, make wise judgements, and maintain an edge over rivals.

Our market research specialists acquire and analyse data to produce insightful information that helps businesses expand, improves consumer satisfaction, and ensures long-term success in the competitive market of today.


Market Research Projects

In addition to bespoke market research projects for clients, we produce many regular syndicated subscription financial case studies in the intermediary, institutional, private investor and insurance markets. Research in Finance continually invests in the latest market research technology to ensure we can always apply the most suitable research methodology to make our projects as insightful and actionable.

Our Market Research Services

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