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UK Responsible Investing Study

The UK Responsible Investing Study (UKRIS) is a one-stop shop for asset managers wanting to track market understanding of, and appetite for, responsible investing.

Launched in autumn 2019, this comprehensive annual study digs deeper to reveal how responsible investments are used, researched and selected by professional investors. The research also gives asset managers a meaningful way of measuring and tracking brand perception in an RI context, as well as a competitor peer group against which perception and marcomms effectiveness can be benchmarked.

Robust survey research among retail intermediaries, consultants and pension schemes helps UKRIS subscribers:

  • Know the real level of overall RI take-up among professional investors, as well as by type of RI strategy and asset class
  • Assess demand for specific responsible funds vs. fund range-wide ESG integration
  • Track progress in RI understanding and adoption over time – what are investors’ support needs today, and what are they likely to be in a year’s time
  • Evaluate the genuine impact of new ESG regulation and guidance on investor behaviour
  • Understand which brands are regarded as leading for ESG integration, sustainable and impact funds, and why
  • Assess what proportion of professional investors are familiar with your approach to RI, and how that improves over time

Deep-dive online community research with these professional investor audiences offers UKRIS subscribers the opportunity to:

  • Test and troubleshoot RI marketing collateral, fund literature and investor communication
  • Identify best practice when it comes to RI information provision – which reports or thought pieces catch attention and why?

This important study is informed by Research in Finance’s extensive experience in responsible investing and ESG research. This is a subject we know inside out, and one on which we have guided asset managers for several years now. For more information on UKRIS and how to subscribe, please contact Jack Dominy.