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European Market Research

European market research offers useful insights into the various and dynamic marketplaces around the continent of Europe. Businesses can better target their services and make informed decisions by conducting financial market research in Europe to better understand customer behaviour, industry trends, and market prospects.

Alongside our services to UK companies, Research in Finance is well placed to offer services to European businesses looking for success in the UK market. Our close links with cross-border and specific market operators mean we can easily access the areas of interest to our clients.


European Asset Management Research

European asset management research examines a variety of elements that affect the performance of financial assets in Europe, such as market patterns, economic indicators, legislative modifications, and geopolitical developments.

Business owners that want to comprehend and enter the various European marketplaces must conduct market research in Europe. Businesses can learn a lot about consumer behaviour, spot market possibilities, and create winning strategies to compete in the European market by taking cultural diversity, nation-specific variables, regulatory environments, and economic trends into account.

Why not explore further with our European Fund Selector Study targeting fund selectors in the major asset management markets.


Exploring Market Research In Europe


We also offer a range of projects for our UK clients looking to increase their knowledge and understanding of the European markets. We have conducted studies across a number of different countries assessing brand resonance, product appetite, communication effectiveness and regulation.

We offer a multi-lingual approach to all our project research methodology working on a country by country approach or pan-European.

"Research in Finance understand the market place very well and continually give good insight into what our clients are thinking and how the market place is changing and developing. The syndicated research is well thought out and delivered and their project work is always delivered on time and on budget."