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European Fund Selector Study

Complementing its suite of established UK sentiment and brand tracking studies, Research in Finance has launched a European study targeting fund selectors in the major asset management markets.


In 2022, Research in Finance launched a European study (EuroFSS) targeting fund selectors in the major asset management markets. Building on the success of Wave 1, the upcoming EuroFSS wave proffers a bigger sample size and the addition of institutional investors to the target audience.

EuroFSS is designed to help asset managers track brand resonance, positioning against competitors and investment trends at both the pan-European and individual market levels.

This study will give European marketeers, distribution heads and sales teams important insight into:

  • The asset managers held in highest regard across Europe and within each market
  • Perceived market leaders for major asset classes and ESG/sustainable investing
  • Demand for sustainable investment products
  • Changes to investment appetite
  • The top asset managers for communication and events
  • Which advertising campaigns are successful
  • Become a full syndicate member to access a range of brand performance metrics, including use, brand associations, Net Promoter Score (NPS) and satisfaction

The study spans fund selectors across eight major markets, with up to 875 taking part in total each wave.

  • Advisory/wealth management firms, banks, private banks, family offices, fund of funds, pension funds and insurers all included
  • A powerful mix of client-facing individuals and those focused on central fund research/selection
  • Target participant numbers per market take into account AUM size and specific fund distribution dynamics

If you would like to know more about the European Fund Selector Study, please contact Mick Hrabe, Toby Finden-Crofts or Richard Ley. Options exist to become a full syndicate member for the next wave and/or access to specific country data.


“When I am in need of research one of the first name that comes to mind is Research in Finance. I have come to rely on Richard and the team for assistance in both recurring and bespoke research. RiF has helped us to define Value for Money, benchmark customer sentiment and explore new branding amongst many other things. But perhaps the greatest benefit is enabling me to have more meaningful, data driven conversations with my senior management. By helping me to formulate the right structure and audience targeting they really enable me to get to the root of a question. RiF’s deep understanding of the marketplace along with their access to end-consumers, advisers and institutionals gives me the breadth and depth I need to end with well thought through and valuable research.”