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How asset managers, investors and other market players are responding to a changing world

Introducing the report

The Responsible Investment Review is Research in Finance’s annual written report into the fast-developing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and broader responsible investing market.The first issue is due for publication in spring 2019 and will include insight from all angles:

• Surveys measuring appeal, preferences and take-up among professional and private investors
• Deep-dive commentary from industry experts, including fund ratings agencies, fund buyers, fund managers and stewardship specialists
• Analysis of ESG/responsible assets, flows and performance
• Comprehensive review of government regulation and trade association guidance supporting the growth of ESG investing
• Findings-led predictions on the growth potential for responsible investing

What will be covered?

The Responsible Investment Review will cover a range of topics and aims to answer the most pressing questions on the subject, including:

• What sorts of ESG and socially responsible funds and managed portfolio services are on offer in the UK?
• What proportion of investors really understand what ESG is, and how it differs from types of socially responsible or impact investing?
• What are pension consultants, wealth managers and advisers doing to educate clients?
• What proportion of investors buy/recommend responsible funds?
• How do the biggest retail and institutional investors approach this area?
• To what degree are these funds making it into mainstream client portfolios?
• What are the preferred approaches to ESG investing? Engagement vs. divestment?
• Which asset managers are seen to be ESG leaders and what are they doing right?
• Which ESG and SRI ratings and services exist, and what impact have these had on investor behaviour?
• What has the UK government done to promote ESG investing to date? What is on the horizon?

• Sales managers improve how effectively they communicate on responsible investing products to investors and gatekeepers
• Product specialists assess ESG and responsible investing product development opportunities
• Wealth managers get a better sense of potential client demand and hone their propositions
• Consultants understand the attitudes of pension scheme managers and trustees, and improve their advice and training accordingly
• Government agencies and regulatory bodies get to grips with awareness and demand in the market, and identify priority areas for policy and guidance


For more information on how you can access the report and also attend the breakfast briefings – please contact Toby Finden-Crofts or Richard Ley.


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