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UK Advisory Study – UKAS

UKAS 360° – The UK Advisory Study

The UK Advisory Study or UKAS 360° is now in its 8th year. UKAS 360 continues to be the most extensive and comprehensive research study within the advisory market. It aims to provide investment houses with a complete understanding of 4 key areas:

1) Investment appetites of key customer segments
2) How investment houses and their peers are perceived
3) How to get the attention of influencers and decision makers in the retail investment process
4) How best to act in order to most effectively and efficiently encourage IA and DFM behaviour that benefits the investment house

The research aims to give asset management firms insight into current and potential future investment strategies, by the key decision-makers in the discretionary and advisory markets. This study is produced quarterly using both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. It provides a set of relevant benchmarks for changes in product appetite, brand sentiment, best practice and effective communications. There is also a bespoke element where each stakeholder is able to ask specific and discrete questions on a subject pertinent to their strategy.

Survey of IAs/DFMs


Respondent fatigue and information overload are a serious problem with most surveys available in this, and any, industry. Additionally, timeliness of information is insufficient in many cases when the research schedule is every 6-12 months. The UK retail market is a fast moving and transitional sector where remaining ahead of the pack is essential. To address these problems, Research in Finance conducts its UKAS 360 study quarterly, with information that pertains to the whole year. The surveys focus on evaluating the performance of marketing and related functions, as well as providing timely feedback on changes in sentiment and appetite in order that marketing time and attention can be refocused, if necessary.

Each wave covers the following:

• Market demographics, profile and segments
• Investment appetite and expectations
• Sector appetite by market segment (DFMs/Wealth Mangers, Top Tier Advisers, General Market)
• Expected market performance, next 12 months (by market segment).
• Changing clients’ attitude to risk
• Who the perceived market leaders are in key sectors
• What the most pressing concerns are over the coming 12 months (by market segment)

Business expectations:

• 3-month fund flow information both in and out. With peer, ranking and analysis/client and non-client
• Market perspective of support from investment houses – split by segment
• The best firms offering: customer service, adviser training and value – split by segment
• The best source of investment ideas and market views – split by segment
• The best sales team/broker consultants and why

Research and knowledge

• Where individuals go to research
• Best providers of research, information and education
• The most relevant and accessible companies
• Best speakers, events and seminars

Media usage and consumption

• Which brands influence the market – by segment
• What trade titles the market use and why – by segment
• Which websites the market use and why – by segment

Provider communication

• Best method of communicating with the market – by segment
• Frequency of communication with the market – by segment
• Assessment of the best content for the market
• Asset managers communicating effectively and why – by segment
• Examples of excellence
• Which groups are working most effectively with the trade journalists

Provider Marketing and Advertising

• Which companies market their products effectively (every quarter) – by segment
• What advertising has been noticed
• Product advertising recall and awareness using latest advertising copy
• Spend vs recall analysis using the RiF tracker data and live advertising copy
• Market comparisons alongside peer groups and industry benchmarks

UKAS stakeholders – Brand specifics

• The market perspective of each supporter’s business by segment – quant and qual
• The market perspective of each supporter’s products by segment
• Amount of business written by respondents in each of supporter’s funds
• Ares of expertise associated with each supporter
• An assessment of how can the supporter can increase the effectiveness of the communication/marketing with the market

Bespoke option:

Each quarter a section is devoted to stakeholders’ specific research needs. This gives each supporting company an opportunity to use UKAS to test any product, marketing or communication concepts in both a timely and strategic capacity.

Access to RiF trade media tracker advertising data:

The Research in Finance (RiF) media tracker monitors press and online advertising coverage in the financial services trade press/websites by asset management firm. Also, which IA sectors and products are being advertised.

Participant Profile

• 20 Qualitative (10 DFMs and 10 intermediaries) – face to face or over the phone.
• Up to 300 Quantitative (120 DFMs/Wealth Managers and 180 investment led intermediaries) online.

Sample Building and Subject Identification

The data samples will be drawn from Research in Finance’s proprietary database and supplemented by all supporting groups to assist in the differentiation between prospects and clients.

Research in Finance will provide insights in the following formats:

• Powerpoint presentation to be delivered as part of a workshop to discuss the results

• Tables and charts, in excel format, such that they may be easily used by members of the syndicate in internal and external presentations, as required.

In all cases, the focus will be on providing pragmatic insights that are easy to digest, communicate internally and act upon.