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RCI – Retail Customer Interests Study

RiF alongside a group of leading global asset management firms created the Retail Customer Interests Study (RCI) in 2013.

The goal of this research is to gain a deeper understanding of the direct customer’s motivations when purchasing investment products, through an in-depth, large scale, annual research project.

When the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) clarified its expectations of asset managers regarding the consideration of direct retail customers’ interests, the regulatory obligations made it necessary for fund groups to evidence their efforts.

The research offers insight into how consumers go about making their investment decisions and which methods they use to execute those transactions. It also explores buyer’s investment knowledge against attitude to risk amongst other things. Understanding the needs of this sector of the market is crucial to ensure that the investment products already in existence and those that may be launched to the market address both the needs of the customer and meet the consumer expectations.

The shift by the FCA to place the emphasis of transparency and culpability with the suppliers has meant that there is an ever increasing demand for asset managers to ensure they are treating their customers fairly and always marketing their products within the “clear, fair and not misleading” directive from the FCA.

RCI consists of a quantitative study of over 1,000 private investors, from the most sophisticated to those beginning their investment journey. We also conduct quarterly qualitative studies to explore topical areas of interest such as “value for money”, “trust in asset managers” and “perceptions & knowledge”.

For more information on this study please contact Karen Scott.