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Join the RiF Panel

Research in Finance has a range of professional and consumer panels that provide important and influential opinion on products and services for our financial services clients.

If you’d like to become a panel member it couldn’t be easier – see below:


• Your views matter and will help influence the thinking of some major financial service companies
• You will help make a positive impact for the future on product development, communication, support and technology
• Your views are confidential and your data secure – we will never share….click here for our privacy policy
• We often share relevant results with any participants so you can see how your peers are thinking
• You can contribute as much or as little as you want
• We recognise your time is valuable so we reimburse you for taking part
• You can unsubscribe at any point
• It’s free and simple to join

How do I get involved?

• It’s very simple – you fill in a short questionnaires which tells us what panel you’re most suitable to be part of, so any surveys we send you are relevant and interesting
• The sign up survey takes about ?? mins and we will get back to you within 5 working days with a response
• Our panels cover many parts of the financial services sector both business to business but also consumer