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Online Community Research

Research in Finance has extensive experience in online community research.


What is an online research community?

An online research community is a virtual place where people who have similar traits, interests, or experiences come together to take part in ongoing conversations, exchange knowledge, and work together on projects linked to research.

Online platforms and websites serve as the facilitators for these communities, offering a controlled space where participants can participate in discussions, exchange ideas, and support ongoing research projects. A vast array of subjects can be covered by online research groups, ranging from professional and scholarly research to market research and consumer insights.


Online communities with Research In Finance

Online communities can be live for a week, a month, or even continuously. They give research participants the space and time to offer feedback when it is most top-of-mind and relevant, and to feed back in a considered way, without the time constraints of an in-depth interview or group discussion. The functionality of the online community platform enables researchers to explore attitudes and behaviours in different ways: through open and closed questions, discussion forums, image and video uploads, and a concept evaluation tool.

The interactive and varied nature of the online community tends to be more engaging for participants and client stakeholders. The latter can log in as observers, see feedback as and when, and hone materials and research questions in collaboration with the researchers.

The online community research and methodology is particularly well-suited to customer journey research, UX testing, evaluating the effectiveness of marketing collateral and messaging, concept development, and understanding the attitudes and behaviours of your target market over a period of time.

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