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Gender Pensions Gap Study

Google ‘pension gap’ and it’s clear that it’s awash with information from research studies that have identified this as an issue.  Women do need to be more engaged in their financial independence and future.

However providers clearly have yet to fully understand how best to communicate with half of the population and address this issue.

City Hive and Research in Finance propose conducting research that considers the role and actions of asset managers, regulatory and policy-making bodies, industry advisory, frontline not-for-profit organisations and the media in influencing and changing behaviour.  The report will then highlight the positive actions that each can take to endow women with the confidence and knowledge to take control of their financial independence.

Given the wealth of secondary information available this study shall collate the previous findings and concentrate on the following research objectives:

  • Ascertain the levels of knowledge and engagement around financial literacy
  • Pinpoint causes of the pensions gap and barriers to addressing it
  • Increase understanding of financial industries
  • Encourage understanding, knowledge and participation in the industry

Ultimately the research aims to create a report that offers providers detail around how they can influence this segment of the population.



Gender Pensions Pay Gap

To find out more about this ground breaking report please download the synopsis below: