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Outcome Testing – Communications Compass

The FCA has indicated that all client communications will need to be continually monitored post-implementation of UK Consumer Duty. Therefore Research In Finance has built the communications compass, a tool that allows you to test specific materials with a report summary.


Implementing Outcome Testing With Research In Finance

With over ten years of branding and communications research alongside our proprietary panel engagement, we are uniquely positioned to provide a community testing solution to ensure your materials meet the requirements. 

Communications Compass allows for both testing and re-testing of specific materials, resulting in a templated report card that reveals a variety of overall indicators, anonymised competitor positioning, suggested improvements, and more.

We can help with consumer understanding in several ways:

  • An in-depth annual survey of private investors, designed to gain a deeper understanding of retail consumer investment motivation.
  • A community component for asset managers to test their marcomms material amongst private investors, ensuring suitability for all consumers.
  • A look into the understanding of key documents, websites, factsheets, advertising and communications and can provide consumer feedback, along with recommendations for enhancements.

For more information on Communications Compass, please watch the short video below: