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UK Advisory Study – UKAS

The UK Advisory Study or UKAS 360° is now in its 11th year. UKAS 360 continues to be the most extensive and comprehensive research study within the advisory market. With 280 discretionary fund managers, wealth managers and investment advisers taking part each quarter UKAS is simply a must for any asset manager looking to keep up to date with the UK retail market.

It aims to provide investment houses with a complete understanding of 4 key areas:

1) Investment appetites of key customer segments
2) How investment houses and their peers are perceived
3) How to get the attention of influencers and decision makers in the retail investment process
4) How best to act in order to most effectively and efficiently encourage IA and DFM behaviour that benefits the investment house

The research aims to give asset management firms insight into current and potential future investment strategies, by the key decision-makers in the discretionary and advisory markets. This study is produced quarterly using both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. It provides a set of relevant benchmarks for changes in product appetite, brand sentiment, best practice and effective communications. There is also a bespoke element where each stakeholder is able to ask specific and discrete questions on a subject pertinent to their strategy.