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Our Financial Panels

Research in Finance panels enable you to gather opinions from highly influential and relevant individuals who can help shape the strategy of your business, products, brand, sales or communication.

Our data is continuously updated by our team of analysts who have in-depth industry knowledge, ensuring our research is based on credible and valuable respondents. We have built our panels over many years of painstaking personal invitations, mass market screeners and long term personal relationships.

This means we are able to accurately segment our data to precisely suit a specific study.

Our panel members are also engaged and motivated – they understand their responses help move their respective market forward. We understand the importance of our members so treat them with the utmost respect, which means we have unrivalled access to “hard to reach” senior figures, but we can also generate valuable feedback very quickly (if required).

Discretionary Fund Managers

Research in Finance have the largest panel of Discretionary Fund Managers (DFMs) in the UK. DFMs are a professional third-party manager who manage portfolios, for in most cases high net worth individuals, to a set risk profile.

They are able to act as they see fit within those parameters without needing to receive approval from the client. They are often known as Wealth Managers and various other job titles depending on their firms preference.

A strength of the Research in Finance panel is having representation at both head office and regional offices of the firms.

Decision makers in large, medium and small firms
Range of firm sizes
Head office or regional office representation
Model portfolio constructors, influencers and researchers
Large, medium and small firms represented
Investment committee members and chairs people
Range of AUMs – from over £1 billion to under £2 million
Client facing and back office

Example Job Titles:
Discretionary Fund Manager
Portfolio Manager
Head of Research, Research Analyst member
Fund selector
Chief Investment Officer
Managing Director/ CEO

Investment Consultant

Our Investment Consultant panel consists of the most influential individuals working across all consultant firms in the UK. These individuals are advising schemes of anywhere between less than £50 million to over £10 billion on future asset allocation decisions. With representation from each of the large consultancies and also those from the smaller and specialist consultancies.

Job titles include:

Investment Consultants
Manager Researcher
Investment Analyst
Strategic Research Analyst
Portfolio Manager
Alternatives Researcher
Senior Associate/Associate
Client Relationship Manager
Professional Independent Trustee
Employee Benefits Consultant

Pension Schemes

Our Pension Scheme Panel is made up of pension investment decision makers and influencers at schemes from less than £50 million to more than £10 billion in assets, with job titles including:

Pension Fund CIO
Pension Fund CEO
Chair of Trustees
Scheme Manager

Insurance Professionals

Our Insurance panel consists of strategic decision-making and senior operational professionals in the UK Insurance and Protection markets.

Business types and job titles include;

Insurance Companies / Lloyd’s London Market / MGAs
Senior Board Directors
Claims Managers
Sales and Marketing Professionals
Data and Tech Professionals

Insurance Brokers
Business Placing Brokers

Service providers to the insurance sector including;

Service Providers
Loss Adjusters
Law Firms
Claims Management Consultancies
Employee Benefit Consultant

Private Investors

Our panel of private investors is in the thousands which allows us to produce robust, actionable results for our clients looking to understand the end consumer of the financial products they are exposed to. A key component of the regulators expectation of those offering product to consumers is an active and considered effort to ensure products are fit for purpose and offer value for money.

They must also be fair, clear and not misleading in anyway. Using our panel to test and record such due diligence is simply a must. The panel is made up of a wide range of demographics, investible assets, investment experience and investment holdings.

Self Directed Investors
Semi Advised Investors
Advised Investors

Financial Advisers

We maintain a panel of over 10,000 Financial Advisers across the UK. The depth of the panel means we are able to target the right individuals for all your research needs. This market is constantly evolving and having a close handle of developments is something we pride ourselves on offering our clients.

Business owners, senior decision makers in large, medium and small firms
Investment committee members
Unrestricted and restricted firms
Range of AUMs – from over £1bn to under £2 million
Regional and head office representation
In house investment proposition, outsourced or semi outsourced
Client facing and back office

Example Job Titles:

Investment Advisers
Financial Planners
Independent Financial Advisers
General Practitioners
Research Analysts
Trainee Advisers
Restricted Adviser


Research in Finance have the largest panel of Paraplanners of any business. We have over 5,000 Paraplanners currently on panel.

Paraplanners are the central to the successful, modern advisory business having influence over pretty much all aspects of the providers used, investments selected and the due diligence required to keep their firms compliant.

In-House Paraplanners
Outsourced Paraplanners
Paraplanner Team Leaders
Investment Committee Members and Chair People

At Research in Finance we also have a large panel of Administrators who often are the main users of platforms and are perfect for User Experience testing.

Our Panel have influenced some of the biggest companies in the world to improve their communication with their clients and to run their businesses in a more responsible manner.