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Investment Trust Distribution Strategy

It’s a challenging time for Investment Trust boards and their supporting managers.

The growth of centralised investment propositions, model portfolios and buy lists are having a profound effect on the buying patterns of all investment funds, but Trusts face unique challenges in the face of these developments.

Wealth Managers have long been supporters of Investment Trusts but demand from this sector is under threat. Investment Trust Boards must consider how to reengage or replace these traditional buyers, perhaps address their underlying investment strategies and think how to best utilise the unique benefits of the closed end structure.

Remaining relevant in an evolving distribution landscape will be key to future success.

At Research in Finance we are experts in the distribution planning and strategy for Investment Trusts. We can assist Boards and investment managers with:

  • Client and channel strategy development
  • Addressing professional and consumer market evolution
  • How to utilise the structure to leverage changing client demand
  • Marketing plans and execution
  • Understanding the competitor landscape (beyond the investment trust sector)

Investment Trusts are amongst the oldest and most successful mutual funds. They face new threats from market evolution and lower cost alternatives. Nevertheless, there is great opportunity for those trusts that really understand their offering to the market, communicate it well and utilise their unique benefits to attract new clients.

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