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Financial Consultancy Services

Financial consultancy services designed to lift your product, client and distribution strategies.

Our financial consultancy services help clients meet and exceed their business goals by offering a comprehensive consultancy package that combines Research In Finance’s market leading intelligence with many years of experience of working in financial services distribution.

A variety of professional financial insights are delivered by subject-matter specialists as part of our financial consultancy services. These services are intended to support people, companies, and organisations in making wise financial decisions, effectively managing their finances, and attaining their financial objectives.


What Is a Financial Consultant?


A financial consultant, often known as a financial advisor or financial planner, is a specialist who offers knowledgeable direction and advice to people, businesses, or organisations on a variety of financial management-related topics.

A financial consultant’s job is to arm their customers with the information and resources they need to successfully negotiate the complex world of finance, eventually assuring their financial stability and well-being.


Financial Consultancy With Research In Finance


Our particular expertise is in the bespoke tailoring of client solutions based on the current and evolving needs of the various client types and channels. We analyse product, segment, client and service components to match against our clients’ business offering and goals to expose opportunities for growth.

Example project areas include:

  • Business and product proposition
  • Distribution strategy and target setting
  • Client and channel strategies
  • Product research, planning and strategy
  • Expansion/resource planning
  • Market mapping
  • Anticipating and planning for future demand trends

Our differentiation lies in our ability to blend empirical evidence, data and information with decades of experience in asset management and insurance, sales, marketing and distribution across a wide product set and organisational structures.

Our Financial Consultancy Solutions