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Momentum behind ESG in pension scheme investment here to stay

By: Jack Dominy


One of the key findings from Research in Finance’s latest annual UK Institutional Market Study (UKIMS) is that whilst ESG and sustainable investment strategies have been popular among both schemes and consultants in the past few years, that popularity is set to continue.

In the 7th annual survey among institutional investors, we ask about anticipated changes to allocation/ recommended allocation to several different asset classes over the next year. The chart below shows the 5 asset classes or strategies with the largest anticipated increases over the next 12 months, with ESG/ sustainable the clear frontrunner. Driven by industry regulation, as well as media coverage and demand from pension schemes, over 6 in 10 of those surveyed stated that they are looking to anticipate their allocation (or recommended allocation for consultants) towards ESG.

If you are part of a pension scheme or you are a consultant or professional trustee and would be interested in taking part in our research, you can join the panel here.

All those taking part are reimbursed for their time and comments, as well as receiving an in-depth summary report of the aggregated findings.


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