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Retail Market Research

Businesses can gain a thorough grasp of consumer behaviour, technology developments, and industry trends thanks to insights from retail market research. Retailers can modify their plans, enhance consumer experiences, and compete better in a highly competitive market by utilising these insights.

We draw on relationships built over numerous years to provide unmatched retail market insights into the discretionary, wealth management and advisory markets. Our panels include top influencers making the decisions and placing assets on a daily basis.

Retail Industry Trends

For companies to stay on top of developments and adjust to the market’s constantly shifting dynamics, retail industry trends research is crucial.

Our detailed and extensive knowledge of this market and its dynamics, founded on years of experience, has seen us work with some of the biggest investment and asset management brands looking to engage with the decision makers and plan product launches as well as long-term campaigns and strategies.

Our projects include analysis of market appetite, brand perception, media consumption, sales and fund flows, sentiment indicators, risk, satisfaction surveys and brand/product positioning.

"Research in Finance understand the market place very well and continually give good insight into what our clients are thinking and how the market place is changing and developing. The syndicated research is well thought out and delivered and their project work is always delivered on time and on budget."