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Find out if you are connecting with your responsible investing audience with UKRIS

By: Jack Dominy


Research in Finance is launching its annual UK Responsible Investing Study (UKRIS) early in the new year. This will be the fourth year that we have run this research amongst both retail intermediaries (DFMs and IAs) as well as institutional investors (consultants, professional trustees and pension schemes).

UKRIS is an excellent indicator of professional investor sentiment around responsible investing. The quantitative survey covers investor understanding of different terminology, use of responsible funds, how funds are selected in this area and potential barriers to investing responsibly. Perception of investment managers’ credentials in responsible investing and which funds professional investors specifically use are also included in the research, to provide an overview of who are the leaders and who the laggards in the eyes of retail intermediaries and institutional investors.

There is also a qualitative element to the study, in which investors are invited to take part in an online community, giving feedback on investment manager marketing materials, such as webpages, factsheets, reports and articles.

Below is a chart in which you can glean some insight into retail intermediaries’ favoured approaches when considering ESG factors, with the results highlighted from last year’s research conducted at the end of 2021 into the start of 2022 (Base: All (215), DFMs (110), IAs (105)). The upcoming edition of UKRIS will look to understand whether the dial has shifted at all or if favoured approaches have remained consistent; one of the main benefits of UKRIS is that results can be tracked and analysed over time, year on year.

UKRIS chart

With the FCA bringing out new regulation that is focused on tackling greenwashing, clear labelling of funds and sustainability disclosure requirements in general, now is as critical a time as ever to understand the challenges professional investors are facing but also how they envisage investment managers helping them.

The survey among retail intermediaries is set to launch in early January, while the survey among institutional investors is set to begin in early February.

If you are interested in hearing more about how the UK Responsible Investing Study can help you connect with your responsible investor audience, please contact Richard Ley or Mick Hrabe. You can also call us on +44 (20) 7104 2235.

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