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UK Institutional Market Study (UKIMS)


The UK institutional market is complex and made up of many layers. In July 2015 Research in Finance is launching the UK Institutional Market Study or UKIMS. It’s designed to gain a deeper understanding of the market and how asset managers can effectively communicate and engage with this audience.


Key Objectives

In terms of the insight it delivers, this project has the following primary objectives:


  • Provide a deeper understanding of the market’s media consumption split by platform (print, mobile, web etc.) and segments.
  • Gather the market’s perception of supporting members and key competitors and leaders in each sector.
  • Give insight into the most effective communication strategies with examples of excellence, including social media and use of “communities”.
  • Provide deeper awareness of brand and product sentiment, along with an understanding of future investment trends/product appetite.
  • Define the concerns of the market strategically over the long term. Determine what their goals are from particular asset classes and trends and how affecting their thinking.
  • Insight into the profile of the key decision makers/influencers within the various segments that make up the institutional market.
  • Insight into the quality and effectiveness of relationship managers from the member firms. Which groups are setting the standard and how do they go about it (eg frequency, quality and responsiveness).
  • Gain an understanding of how database systems are used as part of the decision making process – do they use, how, what are key thinkers looking for from data, how the information is used.
  • Deliver a proactive and actionable set of results which can be implemented in supporting members’ marketing and communications strategy.

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