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The Wealth Managers Review



The Wealth Managers Review – Out Now

A comprehensive review of the practices and preferences of DFMs and wealth managers in the UK today

Published in October 2017, Research in Finance’s new Wealth Managers Review is designed specifically to help sales, distribution and marketing personnel at asset management companies operate more effectively. As the wealth management landscape evolves, it is crucially important to take stock and adapt. Asset managers need to be able to understand how the different types of firm work, where they are headed, where the investment decision-making power lies and how to offer decision makers the right kind of contact and support.

The Wealth Managers Review combines top-down quantitative research on trends and preferences with bottom-up qualitative and secondary research on individual leading firms, to provide a comprehensive view of this market.

The report answers important questions, including:

• What investment propositions do these firms offer and where are the bulk of assets going
• Who is making the fund selection decisions within firms?
• How is decision making split between central and regional offices?
• How actively do they review and change up portfolios?
• What are DFM firms’ business aspirations? How much appetite is there for further M&A activity?
• What are the most effective means of asset manager communication, and how does this vary by job function?
• Who are the best business development managers/sales contacts and what are they doing right?

Research in Finance is uniquely placed to produce such a report. With over 55 years’ cumulative experience across the wholesale, institutional and private investor markets, we believe our understanding makes us an invaluable partner with any business working in the sector. We speak to DFMs and wealth managers regularly across an array of topic areas, building strong relationships with influential individuals at key firms.

In addition to report copies, subscribing firms will receive a supporting PowerPoint summary document.

For more information and pricing, please contact tobyfindencrofts@researchinfinance.co.uk or richardley@researchinfinance.co.uk.

Hear why WMR is an indispensable tool for UK fund managers marketing and distribution teams from our Founder Director Toby Finden-Crofts

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