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RiF update – 9 months since launch…


When we launched Research In Finance Ltd (RiF) just over 9 months ago the concept was simple – produce brilliant, innovative market intelligence for the financial services industry. The catalyst for starting the business was the need for effective, relevant direction for companies in a very transitional sector, covering brands, product appetite, opportunity and strategy. Over the past 9 months, our offering has expanded due to our clients’ quest to understand more about their customers, investors and users. Consequently, we now work across business to business and business to consumer markets in the UK and Europe, with 14 financial services firms.

Like any new company our focus is to listen to our clients and work in synergy with their goals - obvious stuff no doubt, but we also pride ourselves in the fact that the work we produce is meaningful, actionable and makes a difference. We operate to create and deliver long term value, as the market moves quickly – stand still and you’ll pay the price.

Our inaugural  project was into the Paraplanner market which recognised the size, influence and dynamics within this relatively unknown part of the industry. The results of the research made it clear that this segment is not only important, but there was no definitive way to communicate with them specifically. They demand to be recognised for the important role they play, and by creating content and solutions which fit with their needs, providers can grow their business. The lack of a communication with this market was a challenge RiF has seized upon. Apart from creating outstanding market research and developing marketing solutions we will shortly be launching a digital product, to specifically cater for the Paraplanner market, both in house and outsourced.

Please contact RiF to find out more about how you could engage with this audience.

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