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Products and Services

Bespoke Projects


  • Quantitative
  • Qualitative
    • Focus groups
    • Depth interviews
    • Online surveys
    • Paper-based surveys


  • Competitor analysis
  • Desk research
  • Internal assessment

Proprietary Projects

  • Proactive market appraisals
  • Deep sector analysis
  • Future buying habits
  • Sentiment indicators
  • UK, Europe and Emerging markets Brand Studies

Implementation and strategy

  • Application of projects to create short, medium and long term media strategy.
  • Ideas generation and product development
  • Distribution strategy
  • Concept testing and appraisal
  • Development and construction of marketing solutions
  • In use trials and launch proposition

Some of the key areas we work with clients include:

  • Product development/Product suitability
  • Brand perception
  • Sentiment studies
  • Benchmarking
  • Ideas generation
  • Product launch strategy
  • Stress testing products

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Live Products

UKAS 360

A rolling In-depth quarterly study into the UK financial adviser market
Quantitative and Qualitative approach
A review of all the influential segments …

RiF Trade Media Tracker

The Research in Finance media tracker round-up – a report that tells you what the IFA trade press are saying about your business and/or funds. Also, who is advertising, how big are their volumes and what are they actually promoting. In addition does advertising and PR ultimately make a difference to fund inflows?

Past Products

Financial Adviser Outsourcing report

A study to gain deeper understanding to the changes in fund distribution post RDR.
The rise of the use of outsourcing …

European bank assurance project

European bancassurance project

An in-depth research project to discover what makes a great sales aid for the European bancassurers.
What elements are …