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4 years, 200 projects, 1000s of respondents and Europe….


We’re celebrating – we’ve just completed our 200th research project and our 4th year in business.

To the many thousands of individuals who’ve given up their time to talk to us, taken part in one of our focus groups or our online surveys – your thoughts, ideas and responses are making a massive difference. And to all of our clients, we hope we continue to bring clarity, direction, opportunity and help to make your business better! We now work with more than 30 asset managers, platforms and life companies across the UK and Europe.

Many thanks for your continued support.

To anyone who has a business in financial services and hasn’t spoken to RiF yet, our number is: +44(0) 207 104 2235 or email.

Through our panels Research in Finance has unique access to the following:

Retail audiences:

  • Private investors
  • Wealth managers
  • Financial advisers
  • Paraplanners
  • Discretionary fund managers
  • Fund of fund managers

Institutional investment influencers in DB/DC:

  • Pension scheme managers
  • Pension scheme CIOs
  • Trustees
  • Consultants
  • Independent trustees

Our broad experience ensures that by using a combination of methodologies we are able to help with:

  • Media and communication
  • Brand awareness
  • Benchmarking and competitive analysis
  • Product concept, development, testing and suitability

New for 2017

Following the success of UKIMS (UK Institutional Market Study), we are also pleased to announce the imminent launch of EIMS (European Institutional Market Study).

Across Europe pension funds, their fund managers and governments are facing challenges associated with ageing societies combined with economic environments that make yields and returns harder to come by than historically has been typical. Policy makers and regulators are responding with measures to increase reliance on private and workplace savings in retirement.

Through a mixture of quantitative surveys and further in-depth qualitative interviews with key respondents, EIMS will focus on key European pension markets on a country by country basis launching with the Netherlands and Germany.  We believe a market specific approach is required to take into account up-to-date and upcoming regional developments in pensions legislation and regulation (eg: the growth of insurance-based APF schemes in the Netherlands and ongoing German DC retirement liberalisation).

Adele Gray, Research Director

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